Top of the Socks: Love Your Feet

Top of the Socks: Love Your Feet

Today’s post is a bit of fun and function. I have always loved socks, beautiful designs and colours, not too short so your ankles get cold and fabric that stays soft and thick after plenty of wear and washing. I spend a lot of time outdoors gardening or playing with my daughter, and our house isn’t always that warm, with the heating topping out at 18 degrees unless we put the wood burner on, but I really hate cold feet. So, here are my ‘Top of the Socks’ to show your feet a bit of love.

Top of the Socks: My Favourite Brands

Thought Clothing

I really love the ethos behind Thought’s Clothing, although I find some of their silhouettes a little too relaxed for my style. I absolutely adore their socks though, both the variety of designs, the leg length and the durability.

I bought a gorgeous pack of four in lovely rich colours. My daughter loves them too as the feature carrots, tomatoes, gardening tools and flowers – I do like to have fun with my footwear! They’re no longer available but here are my pick from their current offering. They also do gift boxes and ‘socks in a bag’, which make great gifts or stocking fillers for the festive season!

These woodland themed socks are perfect for the nature lover: Yaella Woodlands Organic Cotton 4 Pack Sock Box – Multi (

For someone with a birthday coming up, these Pisces Zodiac socks would make a great gift (other star signs are also available): Pisces Zodiac Socks

This lovely floral set would make a great gift for Mother’s Day, or just to update your sock drawer: Flavia Floral Bamboo 4 Pack Sock Box – Multi (

The Yorkshire Sock Company

I’ve bought my husband socks from here before, and the colours are so vibrant and the quality excellent. Made with a high percentage of merino wool, they are a luxury option that will last and last.

These ladies argyle socks come in some beautiful colour combinations: Ripley Argyle Merino Socks – 4 Pair Bundle 2 – The Yorkshire Sock Company

For something colourful but plainer, this bold selection will work with your whole wardrobe: Duchy Everyday Merino Socks – 4 Pair Bundle Classic Light Selection – The Yorkshire Sock Company

For a gift idea, the sock subscription is fun and different: BUY BRITISH SOCK SUBSCRIPTION – The Yorkshire Sock Company

Happy Socks

Happy Socks are the perfect brand for really expressing yourself through your footwear while keeping warm and comfy. The bold designs can make you feel perked up on even the dreariest of days or wettest of walks.

These sheep socks are so cute and fun: Women’s Little House on the Moorland socks

Too late for Valentine’s this year, but the perfect way to show someone you love them with these heart socks: Heart socks

Seven days of socks, and seven days of fun: Seven Days of Socks

Thought Clothing socks, cosy feet!

Have you got any favourite sock brands? Or do you prefer the plainer the better? What accessories do you use to express your personality?

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