A Walnut Tree in May – Tree Following 2024

A Walnut Tree in May – Tree Following 2024

I am a little late to tree following this year, my first trimester of pregnancy meant I only had the energy for the necessary stuff of daily life in March and April. Now I’m feeling so much better and want to make the most of my second trimester to enjoy the spring and summer.

My choice for tree following this year is a little different – a walnut which was in our garden when we moved. It is walnut Juglans regia, relatively large and mature but, honestly, it’s not my favourite tree. I decided to use it for my tree following because I hope by paying closer attention to it throughout the year it may help me appreciate it more.

I do like the privacy it offers by blocking the back of the house beside our garden and I would love to harvest walnuts from it, the squirrels always get there first, taking them before they’re ripe. This year I’m hoping to net one of the limbs to try and keep some of the nuts for us.

Here are some photos taken this week. You can still see the pretty red tinge of the new leaves, it makes it look almost autumnal. The long catkins also provide interest at this point although the wind and rain means many of them have now fallen.

Common Walnut (Juglia regens)
New leaves have a reddish tinge at first
The trunk is a silvery grey, this has marks from some ivy which we removed
Fruit set, walnuts seem to hang in clusters of three or four

You can find other tree followings here courtesy of Squirrel Basket.


  1. Hollis
    May 16, 2024 / 2:06 am

    The tiny fruits are so interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing them maturing.

  2. May 20, 2024 / 2:20 pm

    Interesting post and good pictures about your walnut. They’re a tree which always seems to divide people about liking them or not. It’s a shame that squirrels invariably eat the walnuts before we do. Take care. xx

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