The morning rush

The morning rush

I imagine my mornings as slow and peaceful. A chance to reacquaint myself with the world in the early morning light (or darkness at the moment) and absorb what the day ahead will bring.

The reality is a rush to dress, myself and my daughter, hand over to my husband while I pack my bag or make a lunch, and rush out the door in a flurry of I love yous. When I work from home, the mornings tend to be somewhere between those two scenarios.

Today is a work from home day, so I was still in my pyjamas when my husband walked our daughter to nursery. I dressed, made porridge and coffee, and had them both at my desk.

At the moment, the simple pleasures and moments of beauty are providing more of a remedy than ever to the chaotic and often uninspiring hours of my working week. I miss having the time to write, to explore, to do the things that soothe my soul and so I am trying harder to make the time.

I’m putting out into the universe what I want to get back: creativity, mindfulness, peace. Good things are yet to come.

Cosy chaos.